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G 20 Summit 2023 India - Why it is Important .


The G20 Summit become attended via way of means of international leaders in Bali. Indonesia on the fifteenth and sixteenth of November 2022. Indonesia has completed its one-year time period of preserving the Presidency of G20. 

The G20 Presidency now has been given to India and the baton becomes exceeded over to PM Modi. India will preserve the G20 Presidency from the first of December this year. 


  • This term is very important for India. Why India will get benefit from this term, let's discussion, Here are the points:

1. India's G-20 Presidency under PM Modi will start on 1st December 2022 and will continue for a year. 

2. PM Modi accepting the G20 Presidency means India will host over 200 meetings in the next year. These 200 meetings will aim to secure global economic growth, environment, security, food growth, etc. Wonderful! 

3. Taking over the Presidency, India, being the host, will have the power on deciding topics that can turn the discussion in our direction.


4. G20 Presidency does not have a permanent secretariat and is transferred every year from one leader to another. There is a term called Troika. Indonesia completed its G20 Presidency in 2022. Now India's PM Modi will hold the G20 Presidency and after that, the Presidency will go to Brazil. The past, current, and next Presidencies form the Troika which works together and supports the current G20 Presidency. Next Troika will have India, Brazil, and the country which will get the Presidency after Brazil.

5. The next G20 Summit is scheduled to be held on the 9th and 10th of September 2023 in New Delhi.

6. Former secretary, Harsh V Shringla is appointed G-20 Coordinator, responsible for overall arrangements of the summit.

7. One of the agendas will be reforms in institutions like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc.


8. You are aware that the Covid-19 pandemic brought in an economic slowdown, compared to earlier suffering increased, poverty has increased. There will be discussions to bring solutions to these issues. 

Earlier, PM Modi unveiled the logo for India’s G20 Presidency along with the website. The logo is a beautiful lotus in the colors of the Indian flag with the Earth on top of it. 


PM Modi said the words below “Vasudhaiva Kutumba-Kam” which is One Earth, One Family, and One Future It means the world is one family and everyone will progress together.

It is a beautiful logo.

The seven petals of the lotus represent the seven continents like Asia, Europe, North America, South America, etc. In spite of the water being murky, the beautiful lotus flower still blooms. Similarly, the world needs to develop like the lotus keeping the negativity of fights, wars, competitions, etc. aside. Seven is also the number of notes in music Each note has its own uniqueness but when they come together, they create a perfect harmony. 

G20 aims to bring the world together in harmony like the 7 notes of music while respecting diversity. The idea behind the logo was development while respecting its uniqueness.


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