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The History of Christmas - Why do we eat Christmas Cake? Why do we decorate our homes with Christmas trees?



Christmas is very dear to all of us. Whether we are old or young. Christmas is a holiday. A fun day spent together with family eating cake and having fun. But why do we eat Christmas cake? When did Christmas begin? Why do we decorate our homes with Christmas trees? He gives gifts Let's find out today's I Why we celebrate on the 25th when did Christmas start All these answers are in today's article.



From Norse Mythology which is mainly practiced in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, this day was celebrated as Yule Festival. In Norse Mythology Their main god was ODIN, and they believed that on this day the All-Father Odin came to their house and together they ate and drank.

This day was also observed in Ancient Rome. This day was observed as Saturnalia. Saturnalia festival was an ancient Roman festival and holiday. Organized in honor of the Roman god Saturn. The festival was celebrated on December 17 of the Julian calendar. Later the duration of the festival was extended to 23 December. 

During this period, many Roman soldiers and politicians worshiped Jethro, during December. They Believe that this festival helps to get more land and prosperity. 


In 1000 AD when the Pegan Religion Reformation, which was the original and old part of Christianity, began to spread throughout the kingdom. But there is no accurate record of Christ's birth in the Bible, so the Romans celebrated that day. And from that time Church began to suggest that the day should be celebrated as the Birthday of Jesus Christ. 


When Paganism reformed and Christianity spread throughout Europe, Christianity did not shake off all the rules of religion. Some of the rules that were introduced into Christianity were the concept of the Christmas tree, but why the Christmas tree? 

During 100 A.D. When the Reformation began, when Christianity began to spread, St. Benefits of England sent him to Germany as a missionary. The day before Solstice, he was walking down the street when he saw two Pagan men. They were being prepared to sacrifice a white sheep. In front of an Oak tree, to worship the Holy Oak tree.


The missionary was deeply saddened by this incident and to save the sheep he took an axe, from one of them and cut the oak tree into two parts. Immediately after this incident, a beautiful thing happened. 

And from that felled tree A fir tree sprung up immediately. And the two were surprised to see this incident. From then, on they also started worshiping the far tree and it is believed that since this incident the practice of decorating with this fir tree slowly started. When used and observed later than today the tradition of a decorator with a golden line is coming.



But most people think why we eat cake on December 25th and which is the birthday of Jesus Christ. So we celebrate this day by eating cake, sending gifts and spending it with family.

Another is found that there was a king in a remote area of France. His kingdom was suffering from constant famine. Appeared and the king was shocked to see that the people of the kingdom started dying without food. He stood by the people of the kingdom by giving everything from his Royal Court. But when the famine in the country did not subside. Then the King gradually fed the hunger of the kingdom by giving food from his own house. 

A day comes when the king's house is empty when the king's cook comes and tells that there is no food in the royal court of the kingdom. Except for stale bread, then the king tells the old house to the cook and the king asks him to make a cake out of the old stale bread, which all the people of the kingdom eat together.

It is believed that after this event, the king was relieved of hunger and the kingdom prospered, and to honor this event, the king instituted a ritual of eating every day. 


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