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Akaipur Byaspur Radha Krishna Mandir

 Byaspur Radha Krishna Mandir

Byaspur Radha Krishna Temple, Akaipur

A secluded quiet beautiful temple in the middle of the village away from the hustle and bustle is the temple of Bayspur in Akaipur. The temple premises are very clean, and a beautiful park-like 'God's Garden' lies at the temple entrance. There is ample space for car parking outside the temple. 

The temple opens at 9:00 AM and is open till 9:00 PM. You can visit this temple for a mesmerizing experience in the midst of nature. Festivals are organized on this temple premises on any religious occasion in this temple. 

Lord Shiva Idol and Nandi in Byaspur Temple

This temple is located in a village called Bayaspur. The main idol of this temple is Radha Krishna. This temple has three bangles. There are two temples on either side of the main temple, one of Maa Mansa and the other side of Lord Shiva.

Another important attraction of the temple is the four-horse chariots built on the top of the temple which narrate the story of Mahabharat. 

Akaipur Temple

Shiv Linga in Byshpur Temple 


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