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Majhergram Garibpur Kalibari

Majhergram Kali Temple

Majhergram Goribpur Kali Temple

We sometimes go out for a day in winter, afternoon to explore so you can explore a sacred silence in the middle of nature. Garibpur Kalibari in Majhergram is an ideal place for such an excursion where you can visit the 163-year-old Kali Temple. The place is really very quiet and peaceful. 

The Kalibari was founded in 1857. In this temple, Maa Kali stays in Panchamundi every year in the month of October. The temple is worshiped with great fanfare. There is a huge forest right next to the temple so it is scary to go there even during the day. Science there is a crematorium next to this forest even during the day, this temple sings but hums. 

Just behind the temple are twin Shivalingas. The temple is very active and many people from far and wide come to this temple to worship Maa Kali. 

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