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Hey there, welcome to my blog, I am Subhasish Thakur,. I am not a professional blogger but at times I want to express myself and that is why I started this website. It is a medium to talk to you directly, Sometimes I like to sit alone and think and I want to share some of my thoughts with you, thoughts that cannot be expressed directly on social media, Some stories, some travel stories, and some unspoken words I will highlight here. 

                So far it has been realized that time can do anything, and I want to keep my time here, Some social conversion, socio-economic issues of our society, some crazy life moments, and some thoughts are all I wanted to highlight here. I am going to go crazy for the first time, please accept me with a little smile and if you have something to say, let me know in the comments. 

Subhasish Thakur

The best part about a personal blog is that, you can talk freely and limitlessly. Together we will change some aspects of society and we will move the society forward. 
We will discuss here regularly about sustainable development, socio-economic problems, educational informative articles on global issues, problems in our Indian society, and my other personal thoughts. If you like then please encourage us by commenting. 

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