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Pagla Khali Temple Nadia - How to reach Paglakhali Temple, How to Offer Puja in Paglakhali Temple

PaglaKhali Mandir Naida 


One Winter afternoon I went to Paglakhali for the first time with my two friends on a bicycle. We had a rutin, we used to go to unknown places on bicycles every afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays. Just like that one winter evening we went and arrived at Paglakhali. A small Temple at the base of a banyan tree on the bank of the river was very pleasant to see and the place brought peace to my mind. Camly, we three friends were exploring the whole place. It was evening and there was no one around us except two locals.

The Paglakhali Temple: 

Paglakhali Mian Temple 

This Paglakhali Pagla Baba temple is in the middle of natural beauty all around. And the Palda River flows right next to it. This riverside temple creates a very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. The Temple is surrounded by natural fields and rivers and is completely away from pollution and urban noise. This temple is in the middle of the surrounding paddy and mustard fields. 

Although this temple is not as grand as other places of interest, the temple here is very simple and serene in nature and that's the main attraction of this place. There is one main temple room and one temple rest room and kitchen are present there. The main temple of Paglakhali is a Peaked temple that is surrounded by balconies. 

Paglakhali Temple With a huge Ashwath Tree

The Histroy Of Paglakhali:

This temple is a very sacred and very holy place for the people of this area. Pilgrims visit this temple throughout the year from the region. All come and worship to Paglababa here. It is said that Lord Shiva Performed Tandav Dance here on every holy night. That is why no one stays in the temple after evening and the whole area becomes deserted after evening. The villagers and the surrounding community run this temple together. 

Paglakhali small linga statue outside of the Temple premises 

How and when can you offer Puja in Paglakhali Temple? 

There is no entry fee to this temple and you can visit this temple any day. However, the fair of this temple is held on Monday and Thursday of every week and the crowd of devotees is high. Although there are no big sweet shops or prasad shops nearby, you can find some small shops on the temple premises to buy puja-related items. A fair is held in this area during summer and where you can get free Prasad. If you want you can offer the Puja on any day of the week at any time. You will find the worshiper on the temple premises to offer puja. 

An old statue is placed beside the Palda River, Paglakhali

How to reach Paglakhali: 

There are two easy ways to reach Paglakhali, if you are coming from Sealdah by train you can come via Majhdiya Rain Station or you can come via Krishnagar Station. 

How to Reach Paglakhali Via Krishnagar: 

1. By train Sealdaha Krishnagar line, you can board the train from Sealddah and reach the final station Krishnagar. 

2. You can take a bus or auto from Krishnagar and get down at Bhimpur or Shakdaha bus stand. (Total Distance between Krishnagar to Bhimpur is 19 Km and it takes approx 35 minutes to reach. The fare will be 20 for Bhimpur by Bus.) 

3. From Shakda or Bhimpur you can get an auto or Toto Riksha to get Paglakhali. (Total distance will be 10 Km approx and they can take 24 to 30 minutes. The Tuktuki fare will be between 20 to 30 rupees.) 

How to reach Paglakhali Via Majhdia: 

1. By train you have to take the Sealdah-Gade local and you have to get down at Majhdia Station)

2. From Majhdiya Station You can get an auto to go to Paglakhali. (Total distance will be 17 Km and it can take approx 40 minus time to reach Paglakhali. The Tuktuki fare will be between 40 to 50 rupees.

3. Or you can come to Bhimpur from Majhdiya station by auto (The distance will be 11 Km and approx time may take 30 minutes) and from Bhimpur you can get an auto to Paglakhali. 

How to Visit Bon Bibi Tala from Paglakhali Area: 

You can visit Paglakhali for one day tour. You can spend time seeing the natural beauty of the surroundings. You can also take a boat trip on the Palda river which costs 50 rupees per person per hour. The people of the area are very nice. You can visit the fisher village in the area. 

If you have more time, there is another place nearby that you can explore and that is 'Bon Bibi tala'. How a large banyan tree has taken over an entire area with its spreading branches. You can see this beauty on the banks of the Palda river. There is also a small broken old Shiv Temple there. 

Bon Bibi Tala Near Paglakhali 

Bon Bibi Tala Near Paglakhali 

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