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What if someone had embedded spyware on your phone? That was reading all your messages listening to all your calls? That's exactly what 50,000 journalists activists businesses, Executives, and heads of state are grappling with right now. Why the answer to this is one word that I'm sure you've heard about - 'Pegasus'.  In India, high-profile personalities, like Prashant Kishore, Rahul Gandhi, at least two Union Ministers, said to the targeted by the spyware. So let's get right down to it.



Let's start with the most basic question. What is Pegasus? It's a spyware that's been developed by the NSO Group, which is an Israeli company that specializes in what experts call cyborg weapons. It first came to the light back in 2016. Now, the last time it was introduced was in 2019 but recently The Washington Post and the Guardian in collaboration with other journalists from across the World published a fresh set of reports based on Research that was conducted by Amnesty International. The report Titles  that 'Pegasus project' reveals that over ten governments, including India, are involved in surveillance of people using the Pegasus spywere where the surveillance reportedly targets journalists including over 40 journalists here in India activists Public figures across the world but the NSO group has claimed that this is highly sophisticated spyware. To investigate Terror and crime, and that they sell Pegasus directly only to governments. 

If you're using an iPhone or an Android can Pegasus be used to monitor all your data, the answer  unfortunately is yes



So how does a Pegasus has really work? How does it work on a phone? Well in this case the phone hacking is over seamless and the phone user has absolutely no idea no clue that their device has actually been compromised once Pegasus is on a phone. It can potentially spy on the targeted user completely and very, very thoroughly. Pegasus can even access encrypted messages. It can track calls track user activity with an app that can gather your location data, access the video cameras, in a phone, or even listens through microphones. 



So what's the current status of Pegasus will all the buzz around it nowadays is because of its past exploits and also not just really with regards to the current ones. It was when information about it became public. Apple, Android tries to fix it. The NSO group still exists and it's possible that does an updated versions of Pegasus or some of the spyware that the public certainly doesn't know 


Pegasus-like tools are not mass surveillance tools, which means that they simply used for targeted surveillance for the selected targets. So unless You believe that his government or a powerful organization actually has a reason to put you under surveillance, you have absolutely no reason to worry.

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