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Elephant Falls Shillong - The Three-Step waterfall, Location, Distance, Timing, and all you need to know.

Elephant Falls Shillong

The Conflict between mountains and the sea is always in our mind, sometimes we like to visit see and sometimes mountains. Though, I have a soft corner for mountains. Like obviously, the clear blue sky and the waterfalls in every street lane, and closer to the clouds in the sky, Who doesn't like the vibes. The mountain vibes are peace for me.

Why Shilong is called Scotland of the East- which can never be explained in words, you must visit Shilong to feel. We visited the beautiful hill station of Meghalaya in December 2022. 

  • The Real Name of Shillong: 

Shillong is always a very beautiful place to visit, all over the world. It is the capital city of the Northern State of India Meghalaya. Meghalaya literally means clouds residence. The real name of Shilong is Lei- Shyllong. That means a god worshipped here in the old Kashi language. The name Shillong originated from that old name. 

Elephant Falls 

  • Why Elephant Falls is famous: 

Elephant Falls is a popular tourist spot in Shillong, Meghalaya, India. It is named so because of a large rock formation near the falls that resembles an elephant. The waterfall cascades down several tiers surrounded by lush green trees, making it a peaceful and picturesque destination. People visit Elephant Falls to enjoy its natural beauty and tranquility.

  • Why it is called Elephant Falls: 

When the British occupied the area during that time a British Surveyor saw a rock shaped like an elephant and a waterfall formed from this rock. This waterfall was formed from an elephant, so it was called Elephant Falls. 

  • How many steps are in Elephant falls: 

Everyone wants to visit Elephant Falls first as it is very close to Shillong. But there are a few things you must keep in mind very carefully. There are a total of 105 steps are there in these waterfalls. And every step is very steep and slippery because it is very close to water. if there is an elderly person with you, look out for that person and hold that man in steps. 

Top View of Elephant Falls Shillong 

  • Best time to visit Elephant falls: 

You can visit that beautiful site any time but you should avoid the monsoon season, as this site is extremely wet-prone, and during the rainy season there is the chance of landslides in there. For the best view and best experience, you should try to visit from October to March. 

  • Can we bath in Elephant falls: 

This waterfall makes the stream visible and very clear but there is no situation where you can enjoy your bath in that waterfall. Surely you can take awesome pictures there. 

Close to the waterfall 

  • Location of Elephant Waterfall:

The Elephant Waterfall is very close to the Meghalaya capital. The waterfall on the Nayapui river and its approx distance from Shillong are 1.2 K.M. 

How to reach Elephant Falls:
By Air- The nearest airport near Elephant Falls is Guwahati airport and it is approx 99 K.M. And it takes approx 3 hours if you ride by car from the airport to the waterfalls. 
By Train: The nearest train station is Guwahati you can rent a car from the station and you can reach the waterfall approx in 3 hours. 

  • For more You can watch our detailed video:

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