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BHAROS - India's new Operating system for Android Mobile Phones


India is set to launch the first Indian Operating system for android mobile phones. Indian government expected to replace Google's Android. the Indian Government government is gradually reducing its technical dependence on western countries and this operating system is its first step. But it is a very early stage and right now it would be wrong to compare this operating system with Google's Android. The operating system is developed by IIT Madras and incubated firm J&K Private Limited. It is a very important step for IIT Madras. It is believed that this move will make India independent from Android, an important step for Make in India. 

  • What is "BHAROS" ? 

India's Operating system will be 'BharOS", and the name stands for Bharat 'Bhar' and the Operating system as 'OS'. Today IIT Madras released a video on their Twitter account where they discussed the feature of this operating system. It is a very good stem that now the operating system is being developed in India and it is expected that hundreds more related operating systems are going to be released in the next few days. 

It also needs to mention here that apart from mobiles, India is thinking about a new operating system for computers. Earlier in 2015, India launched its own operating system for government official work and it was named 'BOSS'. The government has informed that it is not against Android in any way, but the alternative Android will be to put another option before the people so that the monopoly of Android can be reduced a little. 


Some important points of BharOS

  • Open Scorch Platform: 

It's a good step forward as BharOS but it is mainly an Android Open source platform. BharOS is a separate section of the open-source platform Google's Android where different developers can create their own operating system. And that's why most of the images coming from the internet of BharOS look like Google Android because a large part of it is taken from android.  

  • There will be no App Store:

This Operating system has no Playstation or App store so no apps will be available on this platform. Google Playstation will not work on this Operating System. The apps you need to download the apk from open source and install it on your phone and run it. 

  • More Secure than iOS: 

BharOS will be more secure than Android and iOS in terms of features and security. The person has their own control over the phone. 

  • More Battery life: 

This operating will be a light wait and there will be no bloatware so it is expected that this operating system could even improve the battery life of the device. 

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