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Shibnibas Raj Rajeshwar Temple, Krishnachandra, and Lord Shiva Story. Churni Resort Location, Price, and Temple Puja Timing- All you need to know.

Shibnibas Temple Nadia

Shivnibas is called the Kashi of the East. Two and a half hundred years old history is there in Shibnibas. You can visit this temple in the natural environment of Shibnibas for a day. King Krishnachandra founded this temple and the name Shibnibas also comes from Shiv temple.

The Story of Shibnibas Temple: 

King Krishnachandra was the King of Nadia from 1727 to 1782. His capital was Krishnanagar. The name Krishnanagar literally means The City Of King Krishnachandra. The king was a novel king and he ruled with kindness. During that time there was a threat to Bargi's invention (The Maratha invention in Bengal). The king was very worried about his capital.

During that time one night, Lord Shiva comes into the king's dream and asked to move his capital from Krishnanagar to protect his kingdom, And also Shiva asked the king to build 108 shiv temples. The king obeys the order of Lord Shiva and builds the temple. The term 'Shibnibas' means 'Lord Shiv lived here'. King build his new capital here and spends a little time in rural villages. 

Lord Shiv Raj Rajeswar in Shibnibas, Nadia

How to Offer Puja in Shibnibas and Temple Closing time: 

The temple is very pleasant to visit. You can offer a puja very easily here. The temple closed at noon and opened again in the afternoon. You can offer morning puja from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. and again in the afternoon at 4. P.M. and closed at 8 P.M. on normal days. During the festive season, the temple closed at 12 A.M. at the night. 

Shibnibas Temple
Shibnibas Temple,Nadia

Shibnibas Mela: 

Shibnibas is a very holy and pleasant place. You can visit any time during the year. But every year a fair is held on the temple premises. The Fair is simply called Shibnibas mela or Shibnibas Fair. Every year this fair starts on the day of Bhim Ekadashi in winter and continues still Mahashivratri.

Old woman's clay doll shop at Shibnibas Mala 


Shibnibash is a small village in the Nadia district. The village is built on the banks of the river and within this village, there is a temple of Shibnibas. 

How to go Shibnibas:

Shibnibas by Train: 

There are two ways to reach the temple - 

1. Majhdia to Shibnibas- 

If you went there you have to take Sealdaha- Gade local and have to get off the train at Majhdia station. From Station, you have to take an auto-rickshaw or Tuk Tuk rickshaw to reach the temple. The distance from the station to the temple is approx 5 K.M. The rent price of tuk tuk might be 10 to 15 rupees. 

2. Krishnanagar to Shibnibas- 

If you went through Krishnagar then, you have to take Sheldaha-Krishnanagar local. You have to get off the train at Krishnanagar Station. From Krishnanagar you have to take a board Krishnanagar to Majhdia bus. And you have to get off at Shibnibas bus Stand. The Distance between Krishnanagar to Shibnibas is 22 K.M. and the time might take 1 hour by bus. The Bus rent will be 25 Rupees. 

Shibnibas Bridge on Churni River 

Shibnibas by Car: 

The total distance from Kolkata to Shibnibas is 118  K.M. If you have your own or rented car, you can get there easily as well. To come via Kolkata you have to take the Barasat Highway from Kolkata via Barasat to Amdanga then via Haringahta to Ranaghat to reach Nation Highway 12. From Ranaghat you have to take the road from Aranghata then from Bagula or you can take the Badkulla-Hanskhali Road as well. 

Churni RIver Shibnibas, Nadia

Shibnibas The Churni Resort: 

For those who come from far away to visit Shibnibas and want to spend time or stay overnight at Shibnibas, there is a beautiful resort for them. The resort was built a few years ago and you can go there and spend some quiet time. Inside you will find a flower garden food restaurant and homestay for an overnight stay. 

Churni Resort Homestay Shibnibas, Nadia

The resort is built with a wholly natural environment. Which is next to the bank of the Churni river. You can see the Churni river from your homestay rooms as well. 

Ticket price in Churni Resort Shibnibas- 

The entry fee for the park is only 20 rupees per person. The Homestay price is about 1500 per night.  

Churni Resort Shibnibas Nadia

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