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Umstew View Point-East Khasi Hills Meghalaya


Umstew View Point

Meghalaya is called the land of clouds. You'll understand why when you get the Umstew Viewpoint. This viewpoint is located in East Khasi Hill, and you will easily get lost in the clouds whenever you go there. If the weather is fair enough, you will see the clouds while you are there. A viewpoint where you will be blown away by the natural beauty.

Meghalaya is always full of natural beauty and mountain springs, surrounded by lush greenery, you are always amazed to visit this hilly region of Meghalaya. This entire region is inhibited by the native people of east Khasi Meghalaya. You Will find waterfalls in every lane of the road.

Location of Umstew Viewpoint: 

The viewpoint is located 36 K.M. from Shillong. This viewpoint is on the road from Shillong to Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. It only needs 1 and a half hours from Shillong to reach there. You will get an amazing view of the east Khasi hills here. You will get a view of Wah-Kaba-Falls, Lapkhnai Falls, and Latara Falls from the viewpoint. 

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya: 

When to visit will depend on what kind of nature you want to witness while visiting. November to March is the best time to visit Meghalaya to visit Cherrapunji Hills, landscapes, and waterfalls. 

  • Things you should keep in mind while visiting Cherapunji:

1. Waterfalls have a low water level when visiting in winter level when visiting in winter but can safely visit during monsoons as nature is greener during the monsoons there is more waterlogging and more fear of landslides. 

If you go in winter you will find the river and river water green and clear whereas in monsoon you will see muddy water all over.  

2. The temperature in winter is close to zero and it rains too, so you must carry an umbrella or raincoat when you are out and about. 

3. Since Shillong is one of the easternmost states of India, the sunset here is very early, so you should definitely schedule your outing with the sunset and sunrise times of the day in mind. 

Our Video on Umstew View Point- 

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