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Mawsmai Cave, Cherrapunji (Sohra) - Timing, History, All you need to Know.

Mawsmai Cave Cherrapunji (Sohra) Meghalaya

Meghalaya's cloud kingdom advantage and beauty lie everywhere and here lies a series of limestone caves. There is countless beauty hidden in every lane. Meghalaya is one of the states that has not had many hidden caves many of the cave networks are yet to be discovered.


Cherrapunji in Meghalaya has many waterfalls. 25 Km from Shillong lies a beautiful limestone cave named Mawsmai Cave. The real name of Mawsmai Cave is 'Krem Mawsmai' which came from the local Khasi language 'Maw Smai' which means 'Oath Stone'. It is a very popular landmark among the people. 

If you observe this cave carefully you will understand the earlier geological changes in this region. The entrance to this cave is very wide but gradually narrows on all sides as you move further into the cave. If you go further inside this cave, you will see water continuously falling through the roof of the cave. And this continuous water drop creates some important geological features like stalactites(When limestone roofs have pillars they are called stalactites) and stalagmites(When limestone floor have pillars because waterdrop is called stalagmites).

The deeper you go inside the cave the water and damp the cave walls become. These geological pillars inside the cave are very popular things that formed several million years ago. 

Mawsmai Cave Sohra Cherrapunji

Best Time to Visit Mawsmai Cave: 

Mawsmai cave is a beautiful natural cave you should not skip it the best time to visit is during the Winter season, any winter month should be the best time to visit. During the rainy season, the cave becomes wetter and more slippery terrains so you have to be more careful. Water flows through the cave so if you want to explore more about the cave then definitely choose winter rather than monsoon.

Mawsmai Cave Timing and Entry Fee: 

  • The cave opens at 9 am and closed at 5.30 pm. The approx time you needed to explore is about 1 hour. 
  • Entry Fee Mawsmai Cave
For Adults: 20 Rupees
For Children: 5 Rupees 
For Camera: 20 Rupees
For Videography: 50 Rupees

Mawsmai Cave Sohra Cherrapunji

Some Interesting Fats in Mawsmai Cave: 

1. The length of Mawsmai cave is 250 meters but you can only explore 150 meters. There are also some secret passages where not everyone is allowed to go. 

2. The cave is very unique it has a wide entrance and a narrow constricted path. Some places inside the cave are so narrow that you have to crawl forward. 

3. During monsoon, the water stream started flowing in this cave so you have to be very careful during monsoon.

The location of Mawsmai Cave: 

The cave is 58 Km from Shillong and 4 km from Cherrapunji (Sohra) bus stand. You can get a cab from Shillong and enjoy the spot within a day

  • Mawsmai Cave FAQ: 
  • Why is Mawsmai Cave famous?

    Ans- The cave is very special because you can spot fossils formation        this cave if you spend some time carefully.

  • How long is Mawsmai Cave?

     Ans- The cave is 250 meters long. 

  • What is Mawsmai Cave made of? 

     Ans- The Cave is made of limestone.

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