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Upper Shillong Tea Garden - Meghalaya

Beautiful Tea Garden in Shillong

Upper Shillong Tea Farm
Everyone visiting, Meghalaya has heard of Meghalaya's famous betel and thin red rice. Not everyone talks like that about Meghalaya but Meghalaya's tea is very delicious and high quality. There are many tea gardens on the slopes of the Shillong hills, you can see such tea gardens when you visit Meghalaya. Meghalaya's red tea is popular all over India. If you ever go to Meghalaya don't miss the Upper Shillong Tea Farm. 

You can start your trip to Shillong by taking this Upper Shillong tea farm. This tea farm is located very close to Shillong and is surrounded by hill slopes that look very beautiful. You can easily visit this Upper Shillong farm in a day. If you want to travel, start the winter morning in this tea garden with red tea, then your journey will be very satisfying. You can easily visit this garden by the road and enjoy the sweet morning. 

Upper Shillong Tea Farm

Location of Upper Shillong Tea Farm:

Upper Shillong Tea Farm is very close to Shillong town, you can reach the garden within an hour and spend little time here. You can get a cab or taxi from the Shillong police bazaar to get there. The distance between Shillong Police Bazar to Upper Shillong tea farm is 11 km. The journey can take approx 40 minutes to get here. The tea garden is next to Mawsynram- Shillong Road.  

Ticket Price to Upper Shillong Tea Farm: 

There is a very minimal charge to enter these tea gardens so that they can do their work and maintain them properly. The entire free is 20 rupees per person. There is an online booking facility you can buy tickets from the farm counter. 

Tea Garden Upper Shillong

Best time to Visit: 

Tea Farm is such a beautiful place and you can visit any time of the year but especially if you went during winter and monsoon then you can see the most beautiful nature of the tea farm. During monsoons, the whole of Meghalaya becomes more beautiful and more alive. 

Tea Farm in Shillong

The tea garden is one of the best places in Shillong and you should not miss it. The staffs and workers are very humble and polite, you can spend a little time here. You should be careful in this place Never damage the trees while visiting the garden. You can witness tea packaging and tea processing in this garden. 

Here is a small tea counter, you can buy and test garden tea here. You can get a tea pack at a reasonable price here.  

Upper Shillong Tea Garden

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